Anne Eston

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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away..

Okay, no—it was Ohio, and I was in the third grade—there was a fairy who lived in a blueberry. And two BFFs that happened to be tadpoles. These were the first books I ever wrote (the kind for which my mom typed the pages around my crude illustrations and sewed them together, and which had covers made of cardboard covered in contact paper), and I’ve been a storyteller ever since. Writing is in my DNA. If I go for too long, without writing (which isn’t too long anyway), I become cranky and depressed…lost really. Because for me, writing is more than a hobby, or an art form that I engage in. It’s like breathing. and like breathing, it’s something I’ll do for the rest of my life.


As for the rest of my “bio” I’m currently rocking the MFA program in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University, (2020 graduation, here I come!), I live in Los Angeles with my husband and my two Imp Muses (read: cats) Stanley and Sofia, and I love to laugh—A LOT!




If you’re here reading my Home Page, thank you and welcome. Pour a cuppa and stay awhile. Check out my WIPs (works-in-progress—and in print!), my writing life, and how I’m helping other writers in words and wisdom. Then, let’s be in touchI want to hear all about your writing!