developmental editing


Your Story, Your Vision . . .

Have you ever seen an autostereogram? It’s a painting designed to create a 3D visual illusion from a 2D image. (You can see some cool ones HERE.)

And isn’t that our goal as writers? To bring worlds and stories alive from a 2D page that make the reader feel as if they’re living inside them as they read?

My job as a developmental editor is to help you first identify what that visual is—in other words, what story you want your reader to experience—and then to help you develop it with that result in mind.

I’m all about the big picture:

  • Manuscript Evaluation

  • Story Analysis

  • Development of Story Elements (plot, character, setting, narrative voice, etc.)

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If you’re got a completed draft* that needs further development, let’s talk!

*If you have a WIP, then let’s talk coaching so I can help you finish your first draft!

And if your manuscript is ready for proofreading, copyediting of Beta Reading, contact me anyway, because I know some boss professionals who can help you with those things!

Concentrated 1-on-1 project-based editing, focused on story elements, theme, flow, and overall readability and readiness for publication. $50/hour.

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