Porter: A Wolf Dog and His People

Coming Fall 2019

On a cold day just before Christmas in 2013, the owner of a wolf dog name Porter, who had kept the animal on a 30-foot chain for the entirety of the short six years of his life, had decided to move away. He was done with his life there and done with Porter. When no home could be found for him, he called a mobile vet to come out and end his life.

Fortunately for Porter, and his new family, and all who have come to love him since then, that vet refused to end his life.

Five years later, after much love, proper care, and special training, Porter is enjoying his life off the chain. This is the story of all that he has overcome, and of the people he has chosen to be in his pack.

Cover art by Annette Hassell

Cover design by Beezley Art and Design

Sankofa 2019.jpg

Sankofa, a novel

Coming 2021

Persia Copeland left home for what she thought was the last time for the bright lights and big opportunities of New York City, where her new life is a far cry from what she’d imagined. And just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, she gets a call that her estranged mother Davina has collapsed and slipped into a coma.

As Davina's only child, Persia must return home indefinitely. As she sits in the hospital waiting room praying for answers, a stranger appears with a necklace he tells her was made by Davina. Its beautiful beads are held together by a Sankofa—the symbol of looking at the past to understand the future. As she clutches the beads and rages at the universe, the beads begin to glow in her hands.

Unbeknownst to Persia, her grandmothers see it all from a cloud of stardust in the afterlife. Knowing that Davina’s recovery hinges on Persia’s love and forgiveness, they, along with the third mysterious woman with them, visit Persia’s dreams to share the lessons and stories that will help Persia and Davina heal their past and embrace their future.g over a beaded necklace fashioned from the stones and gems that belonged to her grandmothers. Persia's prayers call the spirits of the women to a celestial meeting place where they work to wake their daughter from her sleep, so that she can tell their stories to Persia.